is the word most often used by my blissed out clients to describe what I do for them. I love touching men and it shows!

Massage is my artform. I combine strength with sensitivity, talent with training, experience with enthusiasm. I really have the best job in the world.

I began my studies at Body Electric in '97. I'm trained in Genital/Anal/Prostate massage, Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Trager and Accupressure and have evolved my own unique style over the past 11 years, integrating new techniques as I go. I begin with a basic structure and wax creative on top of that, often coming up with new moves during a session as inspired, based on your needs and bodytype -- a massage just for YOU!

I also do Reiki, a passive (yin) healing energy and Quantum Touch, an intentional (yang) healing energy. I channel these energies into my client to provide relaxation, balance the energetic body, calm the mind, and activate the body's own natural healing abilities. You can request these as part of your session.

Incalls Only
Sessions are $115 and run 90 minutes or so. I won't rush you out at the end.
For info and appointments, please call 415.706.6549
or write me @ cxvinpierce@gmail.com

••Testicle-moan-ials from some very BLISSed out men:

"That was amazing! I've never had such a thorough massage." ~ Billy

"Now I know why they call you Dr. Bliss." ~ Steve

"You're easily the most sensual man I've ever met. It's obvious you love what you do." ~ Ken

"Sigh... it was wonderful, and I know a lot more now. Bless you, Buddha man." ~ Emmett (grateful prostate massage recipient)

"You provided such a superb experience, I just had to thank you again. I know you went way over the top for me and I really do appreciate all your effort, skill, sensitivity, and strength. You are a real gem. Oh yeah, quite a manly gem, for sure!" ~ Tim

"I've never been touched like this before. You're a master of your craft." ~ Chris

"A pleasure to meet you and I'm happy to have gotten on your calendar so soon after discovering Dr. Bliss...well named. You are the best...looking forward to starting where we left off." ~ Ash

"You're a very affectionate man. I'll have to come back." ~ Jerry

"Oh, YUM!" ~ Geof